Windows 10 Search Showing ‘Blank Box’ Fix| Filipino Tutorial

Here we go with another windows 10 bug on 05-02-2020 Windows 10 Search Is Broken and Shows Blank Results. This bug makes the windows 10 search box blank. This is a world wide problem, but there is a simple fix.

Hit the Windows Key + R shortcut on your keyboard.
Type regedit and hit Enter on your keyboard.
Double-click SOFTWARE.
Double-click Microsoft.
Double-click Windows.
Double-click CurrentVersion.
Double-click Search.
Right-click the right pane of the RegEdit window to bring up the menu.
Click New.
Click D-WORD (32-bit) Value.
Type BingSearchEnabled and hit Enter on your keyboard.
Double-click the BingSearchEnabled entry you just created.
Type 0 in…

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