Windows 10 Pro SuperLite on Old Pentium and 1 GB RAM DDR2

Windows 10 Pro 1903.387 Super Lite

So I installed Windows 10 Pro SuperLite version, for replace my Win XP on my old PC.
Because windows XP is obsolete now, and got me some problem when I access internet.

Here my PC specification :
– Intel Pentium E2180 Dual Core
– Ram 1Gb DDR2 667
– Fujitsu 40GB HDD Sata

Here things I found after installing the Windows
– Windows size around 9 – 10GB
– On fresh install, there is no apps in start menu, even WMP, photo viewer, browser and paint

After that, I installing some apps :
– Office 2007
– VLC player
– Speecy
– Adobe Reader
– WinRar
– Chrome
– Adobe Photoshop CS5

I think this SuperLite version work pretty good. I only use it…

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