Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Linux Install Tutorial | 2020 Desktop Version | (Linux Beginners) – Focal Fossa

Ubuntu 20.04 Linux Install Tutorial (Focal Fossa) is a 2020 Guide on How to Install Ubuntu 20.04 Linux (Focal Fossa) on a computer, server, and/or vm of your choice. Run through the steps required to install Ubuntu 20.04 the Desktop Version on a system. Ubuntu 20.04 Linux Install Tutorial is intended for beginner users and shows all necessary steps.

💾 💾 USB Disks and SD Cards 💾 💾
2.0 SanDisk 32GB USB –
3.0 PNY Turbo 32GB USB –
3.1 Samsung FIT 128GB USB –
SanDisk 128 GB micro SD –

📚📚 Learn more about Linux 📚📚
Linux: Installation, Config, and Cmd Basics -…

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