Top 17 Jailbreak Tweaks For A12/A13 On IOS 13.0-13.3

Today gonna be showing you what tweaks I have installed on my device

Jailbreak Video:

Tweak list:
1. AutoUnlockX repo:
2. Bazzi repo:
3. Hide bar x repo:SparkDev Repo
4. New cam repo:
5. Notchless repo:SparkDev Repo
6. SimpleLS2 repo:Packix Repo
7. Snowboard repo:SparkDev Repo
8. Snowboard Application repo:SparkDev Repo
9. SugarCane13 repo:
10. TweakCompatible repo:BigBoss Repo
11. Reprovision repo:
12. BarMoji repo:
13. CircleSettings repo:SparkDev Repo
14. Call Assist Bar repo:

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