TERA HERO (KR) | Official Launch Gameplay (Android IOS APK) – MMORPG

TERA HERO Gameplay video on Android 1080p.

TERA HERO by Red Sahara Studio

In the parallel world of Arborea, the original Tera world, and in the past Arborea, the story after the invasion of Argon is just unfolding. Arboreas of the past, on another level, were a world in which the new world was sealed and the gods were invisible. The various races of descendants of the ancient gods sought God as Creator and Leader, but what appeared before them was the black gaps in which the space-time was distorted and the unknown that occurred there.
“The six chosen heroes will find the gods and help them remove the seals of the new world.”
Many races receive divine revelation in a car that has…

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