STOP using Cydia

Cydia iOS 13 is a package manager for Uncover Jailbreak & Checkra1n. Cydia is very well known in the iOS Jailbreaking community. Cydia however is obsolete. While Cydia has received updates for newer Jailbreaks & iOS firmwares, ever since 2015 Cydia has been unmaintained. I’m surprised Cydia is still the main package manager used by Checkra1n & Uncover Jailbreak. These tools are modern Jailbreaks with an obsolete package manager, Cydia.

STOP using Cydia iOS 13 & switch NOW! Why continue to use an old package manager like Cydia, when you can transfer over to Installer 5! Installer 5 is a Cydia alternative, but it isn’t like AppValley or AppCake. This is because installer 5 can…

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