Review of Linux Mint 19.3: A Distro for Everyone

Hey Guys its nil and welcome to HardCoreLnux, Mint team release of Linux Mint 19.3 codenamed ‘Tricia’ with useful feature additions along with a ton of improvements under-the-hood. So let take a deep dive insde mint 19.3.

1. Installation : As allways the installation is easy as it should be just a few clicks and you are off and running

This is a point release based on the latest Ubuntu 18.04.3 and

Linux Mint 19.3: What’s New?

While being an LTS release that will be supported until 2023 – it brings in a couple of useful features and improvements. Let me highlight some of them for you.

System Reports

Right after installing Linux Mint 19.3 , you will notice a warning icon on…

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