Raspberry Pi 3 Fastboot : Booting Linux in 1.75sec

Visit the blog for the details :

Power-up to Linux : 1.75sec
Power-up to Qt (QML) : 2.82sec

This is a small project based on Raspberry Pi 3 that is being used to monitor BMS data. BMS transfers data to RPI3 by UART. White screen means power-up so you can slow down the video to see the exact timings without debugging.


Konu ile ilgili detaylı bilgi için :

Güç verildi – Linux : 1.75 saniye
Güç verildi – Qt (QML) : 2.82 saniye

Bu proje ile amaçlanan, BMS’in UART üzerinden RPI3’e ilettiği verilerin ekranda görüntülenmesidir….

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