PS4 Mario Kart 8 (Gentoo Linux and Cemu) Tue 28th Apr 2020

Today I tried something a bit special.

Mario Kart 8!

My PS4 is running Gentoo Linux, which in turn is running Lutris, and then Cemu (The Nintendo Wii U Emulator).

After connecting my PS4 Controller, tweaking the settings and adding the shader cache for the game, I got it working.

The game runs great for an emulator with hardly any slow-down, screen tearing or glitches especially since it’s on a Playstation 4, running Linux, running an emulator for a completely different system.

There are different options to get the game running as smoothly as possible such as GPU settings and timing, plus running the game in 720 as opposed to 1080 helps as well.

For anyone saying this is fake,…

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