Overclock android for PUBG | how to play pubg in low end android phones | root

Improve performance of your potato phone for playing PUBG.
PUBG mobile is well optimized and runs smoothly with almost all modern devices. However you’re rocking with older device or a underpowered phone, that you may face lags, low frame rates, higher ping etc. Then this video is only for you.
In this video i showed you , how to play PUBG with potato phones like old samsung exynos, snapdragons, mtk phones that comes with 2,3 GiB RAM.
This method only works with root.
OS opmization requires:
1.Rooted phone.
2.Custom ROM.
3.Custom kernel.
4.Kernel auditor.
5.GPU modules.
6.A good GFX.
7.& other tweaks.

I hope you liked this video.
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