Oppo Find X2 Pro vs OnePlus 7T Pro | Super-Powered Androids Compared

Comparing the Oppo Find X2 Pro versus the OnePlus 7T Pro, side-by-side, to see which premium Android smartphone boasts the best specs, battery tech, performance, camera smarts and beyond. If you’re minted and after the greatest flagship in 2020, these two are definite contenders. The Oppo Find X2 Pro serves up incredible display technology and next-gen camera action, but it’s also more expensive vs the £700 OnePlus 7T Pro. Here in the UK it’ll likely cost over £1000 when it’s released in early April.

Still, that Sony IMX689 camera sensor can capture some fantastic looking photos and video, while the 120Hz HDR10+ screen is simply stunning. You also get twice the storage on Oppo’s…

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