Off The Road – OTR Open World Driving – Racing Boat | Android – iOS GamePlay

-Added new vehicle “Vulcan”
-Added new dumptruck “Hercules”
-Added new vehicle to construct: “Combine Harvester”
You can earn money by harvesting wheat/grass!
-Added hay bales when harvesting.
-Added new building Hay Barn! Transport hay bales here for money!
-Other tweaks

You keep the ideas and support coming, we keep the updates coming! 😉

Drive your rig on the hills of your own open world, get into a boat and explore islands, pick a helicopter and fly freely to the top of the mountains or just walk around if you need a peaceful hike it’s up to you.
Beat challenges to earn money and upgrade your car. Make it stronger, faster, look more awesome!
Earn xp to level up and get cool…

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