ObarunOS ARCH? Installation Pt 1 Arch Linux Without SystemD. Isn't That Special

Obarun OS is based on Arch Linux but without systemD. I’m not for or against systemD. As short circuit robot used to say “need more input”.
Truth is I just want a system that works. Apparently Arch used to be sysd free.

This is Part 1 of 2? I plan on using ObarunOS for a minute and see if it will do what I need it to do. I will share what I learn along the way. The first challenge (for me) is to make that darn volume icon to stay in the sys tray and have sliding volume control. 😀

I will be looking for a alternative to Gnome-disk. I haven’t found it yet.

The installer is a follow through installer, meaning that if you go through the steps one at a time until you complete all the…

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