NEW iOS 13 Malware can affect YOUR iPhone/iPad *NO Jailbreak* (How to Spot & Delete)

iOS 13 Malware is here! Even without a Jailbreak, you can have this malware on your latest iOS 13.3.1 iPhone & iPad! This malware isn’t too serious: it only sends ads & phishing links, however if you own an iPhone or iPad, you might accidentally install it on your iOS or iPadOS operating system.

When this Malware for your iOS 13 devices is installed, your calendar will be filed with ADS & phishing links, which will clutter your notifications and calendar app! If you own an iPhone & iPad, and want to protect from this iOS 13 malware, then you MUST watch this video to the end! Sad to see romsmania hosting this malware, but as long as you know what you’re doing, romsmania is still a…

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