Multitouch Touchpad Gestures in Linux with Fusuma

This is a follow-up video to one I made a while ago about using libinput-gestures for multitouch gestures in Linux. That option still works but, since then, I have been using a different option that I wanted to share. Fusuma is a multitouch gesture recognizer. This Ruby gem makes your Linux desktop able to recognize swipes or pinches and assign commands to them. I’ve found it to be more flexible and configurable than libinput-gestures as you can hopefully see in this video.

00:00 – Intro
00:41 – libinput-gestures
01:53 – Fusuma Installation
05:30 – Fusuma Configuration
10:20 – Launching Fusuma
14:05 – Support Fusuma
15:02 – My Setup and Demo

Fusuma -…

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