Mazda EPC – Usage, Installation, Android, Linux, HiDPI, Multi-version

Limbo x86 download:

00:01:22 Getting manufacture date (and other info) by VIN
00:03:28 Partial index function
00:06:20 Searching limitations
00:06:29 Starting fresh
00:06:43 Selecting car by model instead of VIN
00:07:11 Searching by part number (shows all models that use this part)
00:08:08 Curious thing: Oil filter used in 626 GF is being used in many models starting from 1987 (E2000 SD,SR) to that day!
00:09:41 How to check which version of EPC you have
00:10:07 Searching by text (Part Name)
00:11:01 Difference between search results when searching by Model Name and by VIN
00:11:08 History button
00:11:57 Enabling results outside of…

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