Jailbreak iOS 13 Windows With Checkra1n Linux FULL TUTORIAL! | iOS 13-13.3.1 Jailbreak Tutorial!

Hello everyone, until now jailbreaking iOS 13 on Windows has been extremely difficult being as we have had to use Ra1nUSB and there were many errors. But now, a new method is released, Checkra1n for Linux! This is the best alternative until the official Checkra1n Windows comes out but for now Checkra1n Linux will suffice. This jailbreak works on all jailbreak supported phones, currently IPhone 5 – IPhone X, and it supports iOS 13.3.1. Also, unlike Ra1nUSB this will work on any computer! So as long as you have a supported phone, you can jailbreak! This is the most indepth Checkra1n Windows tutorial on youtube, so make sure you like the video, subscribe to my channel, and comment down…

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