iOS 13.3.1 & iOS 13.4 JAILBREAK updates & 20+ Top Cool & Free Cydia Tweaks for iOS 13 | Checkra1n

In this video I gave you the updates about the jailbreak of the iOS 13.3.1 and the 13.4 jailbreak and I also covered the top cydia tweaks that are compatible with iOS 13.3 jailbreak. the jailbreak of iOS 13.3.1 could be releasing very soon as apple has stopped signing the iOS 13.3.1. so, the vulnerabilities remain as it is. Apple has also released the iOS 13.4.1 although with the iOS 13.4.1 there has not been any kernel patches fixed so this means that if you are on the iOS 13.4 then you can update to the iOS 13.4.1 and if you are on iOS 13.3.1 you should avoid it watch the video for full details

Link to all the tweaks and Repos -…

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