Into The Dusk: Reborn Gameplay First Look (Android IOS)

Into The Dusk: Reborn Gameplay First Look (Android IOS)

About Into The Dusk: Reborn By Electronic Soul

Meet the people of the world
5 Classes & 4 Chapters in 3 Difficulty levels
Multiple PvE & PvP modes
Global rank & seasonal arena

Have you ever played a roguelike RPG and thought: You know what would be fun?

Into the Dusk is a pixel art styled role-playing game developed by Galegames. Mixing the depth of its detailed and lively gameworld with fast-paced, chaotic gameplay. It takes place within a land of the twilight fulfilled with stories and mysteries.

Into the Dusk comes with a lot of whole new features, making it a quite unique pixel art role-playing game. It plays similar to…

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