Install Dolphin iOS 13 Emulator NO Jailbreak ALL iPHONE’S! Wii Emulator For iOS 13 – 13.4.1

Dolphin iOS 13 Emulator Download | Use DolphiniOS to play Wii Games! Dolphin iOS has been released for ALL iPhones which run iOS 13 NO Jailbreak required! This means you can use the DolphiniOS Wii Emulator on iOS 13 – iOS 13.4.1 NO Jailbreak required at all!

Before, Dolphin iOS required a Jailbreak. Why? DolphiniOS emulator requires the use of fastmem, which usually requires a Jailbreak. However, thanks to a sandbox escape, we can FINALLY get DolphiniOS Emulator NO Jailbreak required!

DolphiniOS contains a Wii Emulator For iOS & GameCube Emulator for iOS. However, this tutorial will only cover how to download Wii games for the Wii Emulator for iOS via Dolpin iOS. If you want to…

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