How To Install Netrunner 20.01 (“Twenty”) | Linux feat. KDE Plasma

#Netrunner #KDEPlasma #Linux
In this video I will show How To Install Netrunner 20.01 step by step. Netrunner is a complete Linux Operating System for PCs, laptops/netbooks and ARM microcomputers, that makes exclusive use of the KDE Plasma desktop environment. Netrunner is a Debian-based distribution featuring a highly customised KDE desktop with extra applications, multimedia codecs, Flash and Java plugins, and a unique look and feel. The modifications are designed to enhance the user-friendliness of the desktop environment while still preserving the freedom to tweak. A separate “Rolling” edition, based on Manjaro Linux, was launched in 2014, was discontinued, re-launched in 2017, and…

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