How to enable FSTRIM in Fedora | Improve SSD performance and extend lifetime | SSD TRIM in Linux

In this video I’ll explain what SSD TRIM is and why it’s useful, and then show how to enable periodic fstrim in Fedora. Fedora 32 enables fstrim.timer out of the box and we’ll look at how to do the same manually in older Fedora 30 and 31 releases.

To enable periodic fstrim:
‘systemctl enable –now fstrim.timer’

Periodic SSD trimming can improve SSD write performance and also extend SSD lifetime so don’t miss out on this video!

SSD trimming also has a few downsides and I’ll quickly go through them as well.

I hope I didn’t get too technical explaining all of the NAND memory quirks. If I did, feel free to fast forward directly to around 5 minute mark where I show how to enable fstrim in…

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