Galaxy S9+ Official Android 10 update 30 NEW awesome features and changes One UI 2.0

The official Android 10 update with One UI 2.0 comes to Galaxy S9 and the S9+ brings a lot of new features like DeX over USB, new camera UI, Android 10 gesture support, built-in screen recorder, new smooth animations and much much more. This video takes you in-depth about the new update.

Known Issues:
1. Good Lock will stop working after this update, the Goodlock update for Android 10 is almost here.
2. Please update the Prime Video app from the play store to restore HD streaming.
3. Notification LED does not light up for missed calls, it works for everything else.
4. Bluetooth Dual Audio has been relocated to the ‘Media’ tab in the drop-down notification panel.
5. 3D effect for…

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