Checkra1n Jailbreak through TWRP Android Phone

hello friends in this video it will shows how to jailbreak through android smartphone custom recovery twrp.

Requirement:- 1.Android smartphone OTG COMPAITABLE.



1.Download the appropriate version of checkra1n according to you phone’s cpu (arm/arm64), and store the executive file to wherever you want(I put it in the /data). 2.Enter twrp recovery, open Terminal, then cd to the directory(in my case is /data).then input command: chmod 755 checkra1n. 3.Put your iPhone in dfu mode and connect it to Android phone with a otg converter. 4.Input command ./checkra1n-c(or cvV for verbose boot), then enjoy!

credits- maxliu9911

if i have used in this video some…

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