Best iOS 13 tweaks for now – Ultimate tweak ecosystem (unc0ver/chimera/checkra1n/A12/A13 supported)

Hey! Since a very long time, I’ve been testing tweaks and trying to create a perfectly balanced ecosystem on my jailbroken iPhone. And because the work is done, I can proudly present it to you! The tweaks fulfill a lot of needs but also don’t eat up too much battery, even on the “battery dead” devices.
I hope you enjoy this video.

❗️ It took me very long to test everything and make it run perfectly polished, so I would appreciate if you could watch the full video and maybe subscribe!

Thank you very much for watching, here are all the repos that you will ever need to have, they literally contain EVERY tweak you might ever want to get. Get Flame to add all the repos at…

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