Arch Linux installation recording to kernel 5.6.5-arch3-1 (core)

** Diff to previous video: new kernel in core **

Used ISO: archlinux-2020.04.01-x86_64.iso

[00:00] Booting from ISO
[01:08] Preparing
[02:00] Preparing disk
[03:52] Installing Arch Linux
[10:13] Configure boot
[10:33] Configure system
[11:33] Configure system in chroot
[15:14] Boot into new system
[16:22] Running in new system
[17:46] Activating testing repository
[18:17] Booting to system with testing repository
[19:21] Testing system with testing repository
[20:36] End

Pastebin urls (package list):

Pastebin urls…

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